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Sno-Way FLARED V-PLOW SERIES for sale at Pillar Equipment, Quad Cities Region, Illinois

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Sno-Way FLARED V-PLOW SERIES for sale at Pillar Equipment, Quad Cities Region, Illinois



Product Highlights

Tube Steel/Tab-Slot and Lock Construction

Tab-Slot and Lock construction makes the structural components link fully together. After welding tab-slot and lock and tube steel components together, you get the maximum load force absorption available with weldments. This type of construction means your plow is built to last.

Triple-Coat Protection

  • We start with zinc phosphate wash as an initial layer to prevent corrosion.
  • Then we add an automotive E-Coat primer which penetrates into the metal to keep rust from ever starting.
  • Finally we coat the blade with a military grade powder coat for tough exterior.



Sno-Way’s Ground Hugger™ blade design transfers pressure from the snow loads to the blade – effectively forcing the blade downward.

Key Features:

  • Aggressive 65-degree cutting edge attack angle
  • Blade geometry creates optimal roll for maximum force on the ground and evenly distributes snow loads across the moldboard
  • Provides unmatched cleaning performance in combination with the downward force of the skid steer or tractor loader arms



Patented Shock-Killer™ Trip Return System protects your equipment from damage while plowing.


Model  6'-0" V
Blade Width  72"(straight) 67" (Vee) 61" (Scoop)
30° Angle Plow Width  64"
Blade Height  24" Inside / 28" Outside
Weight Steel  291lbs.
Cutting Edge 1/4" x 4-1/2"
Vertical / Diagonal Ribs  6/0
Trip Springs  2
Plow Lights w/EIS™ Technology  Not Available
Down Pressure® Hydraulic System  Not Available
Wireless Pro-Control™  Not Available
Complete plow weight does not include weight of subframe.