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Land Pride DBM2660

Land Pride DBM2660 for sale at Pillar Equipment, Quad Cities Region, Illinois

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Land Pride DBM2660 for sale at Pillar Equipment, Quad Cities Region, Illinois



Features Benefits
Tractor HP Range Designed for 75-150 HP tractor with minimum weight of 7,000 lbs.
Gearbox HP Rating 150 HP
3 Point Design Does not require a dedicated tractor. Three point hook up is easy to hook up and
remove from tractor.
Cutter Deck Visibility Visibility of the cutter deck is captured from the operator’s seat. Easy to see
operation. Operator does not have to look behind.
Factory Assembled Arrives ready for the customer, saves time and money. (Excluding gauge wheel
options and fluids.)
Grease Ports All grease ports are easily accessible for servicing.
10' Transport Width Folds up close to the tractor. No weight brackets or decks hanging away from the
tractor. Typically, not much wider than the tractor, which means safer transporting.
Extension Arm Design One cylinder used to adjust extension arm horizontally 32" is easy to operate.
Long Horizontal Reach Good access for reaching vegetation far away from the tractor.
Above Grade Vertical Reach Good access for reaching up embankments and cutting low over hanging limbs.
Below Grade Reach Good access for reaching down embankments.
175 Degree Deck Rotation Angle Cutter head can be positioned to reach different angles.
Cat. 2 & Cat. 3 with Quick Hitch
540 rpm or 1000 rpm
Fits a wide variety of tractors.
35 Gallon Oil Reservoir Large reservoir maintains optimum fluid temperatures and also serves as
1" Cutting Capacity Good for trimming brush.
High Blade Tip Speed 15,600 FPM tip speed means cleaner cutting.
One Parking Stand Easy to adjust 3-point hitch level for unhooking tractor.
In-line Filter Cleans hydraulic fluid before it re-enters the reservoir.
Shut-off Valve Permits maintenance with minimum oil loss.
Built-in Auxiliary Weight Rack
on Left Side
Suitcase weights can be added to left side for balance. Able to choose the weight
bracket to match various types of suitcase weights.
Oil Pressure Gauge Easily monitor oil pressure for optimum performance of unit.
Pressure Relief Valve Protects against high hydraulic fluid pressure.
Gauge Wheels Option Deck floats on gauge wheels eliminating frequent deck positioning and vigilant watch
for changes in ground contour under the tractor and/or deck.
SMV Mounting Socket (Standard)
SMV Sign (Accessory)
SMV mounting socket receives most SMV signs equipped with a mounting blade for
ease of attachment and removal when transporting on a truck or trailer.
SMV sign is offered as an accessory when the tractor’s SMV sign and mounting blade
does not fit the cutter’s standard SMV mounting socket.


Specifications & Capacities DBM2660
Tractor horsepower 75 Minimum hp.
Minimum tractor lift capacity 2,500 lbs
Minimum tractor weight 7,000 lbs without added weights
Weight 1,792 lbs (With front & rear chain guards, side gauge wheel, Ditch Bank mounted
speed increaser, & Case weight hanger. Without fluid in reservoir)
Hitch type Cat. ll or Cat. ll/lll Quick Hitch. Clevis style lower hitch.
Tractor power take-off speed DB2660 = 540 rpm; DBM2660 = 1000 rpm
Cutting width 58"
Transport width, minimum 10' - 1" (without gauge wheels)
Overall width (fully retracted with
optional weight bracket)
10' - 3 3/4"
Minimum cutting height
(Deck level)
2" Minimum
Maximum is dependent upon 3-point lift height.
Horizontal cutting extension 32"
Maximum horizontal reach from center of tractor 13'-2"
Deck rotation 85o up, 95o down
Blade tip speed 15,600 FPM
Number of blades & size 2, 1/2" x 4"
Blade rotation Clockwise
Blade bolt 1 1/2" With keyway, harden flat washer, and locknut
Dishpan 3/16" X 21" Round, dish-shaped
Cutting capacity 1" Max.
Deck thickness 10 GA
Side skirt thickness 3/16"
Speed Increaser fluid capacity NOTE:
Refer to metal tag on speed increaser for vendor name (BIMA or Comer).
Tractor mount, refer to Figure 6-4 on page 42.
BIMA = 1 1/2 pints
Comer = 2 pints
Ditch Bank mount, refer to Figure 6-5 on page 42.
BIMA = 2 pints
Comer = 1 pint
Speed increaser fluid 80-90W EP Gearlube
Hydraulic fluid Mobilfluid 424
For alternate fluids, search on the web for "Mobilfluid 424" or go to www.mobil.com
Reservoir capacity and filter 35 Gallons / conventional 10 micron filter
Method to check oil capacity Dipstick
Hydraulic fluid flow rate 15 gpm (approx.)
Overload protection Hydraulic relief valve
Driveline (optional) ASAE category 4
Skid shoes 2 1/2" Wide x 1/4" thick & replaceable
Gauge wheel (optional) 4 x 8 Laminated tire with greasable caged roller bearings.
Gauge wheel adjustment Manual
SMV Sign (Accessory) SMV decal on galvanized steel back sign and plated or galvanized blade mount.