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Land Pride SSG2024

Land Pride SSG2024 for sale at Pillar Equipment, Quad Cities Region, Illinois

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Land Pride SSG2024 for sale at Pillar Equipment, Quad Cities Region, Illinois



Features Benefits
Multiple compatible power machine types Compatible with a multitude of power machines, including excavators, skid steers, track loaders & compact utility loaders. The versatility this attachment provides also makes it an option to access hard-to-reach tree stumps.
Pin-on mounting system Allows this attachment to be easily transferred from one power machine type to another.
Multiple bolt-on mount options Kubota offers multiple bolt-on mounts, making the SSG2024 Stump Grinder compatible with a wide range of Kubota mini excavators.
Three wood chip deflectors Made from high quality materials, these durable deflectors are tear resistant, and provide excellent fastener retention.
Adjustable extension spring Increase cut-rate capabilities by increasing the tension on the attachment's extension spring
Robust hydraulic motor With a continuous maximum hydraulic flow up to 21 gpm (79 Lpm), the SSG2024 Stump Grinder can efficiently grind down tree stumps with high wood density.
Quick connect couplers Allows operator to quickly connect and disconnect the attachment to the auxiliary hydraulic system.
No interval lubrication required Aside from rotating and changing out carbide teeth, there are no regular interval maintenance requirements
Wearsharp® carbide teeth The SSG2024 Stump Grinder makes use of (15) high quality Wearsharp® carbide teeth. These carbide teeth offer three cutting positions, ultimately decreasing the frequency of replacing carbide teeth.
Specific tooth holder configuration The cutting wheel's carbide tooth holder configuration has been specifically designed to provide optimal cutting results.
24 in. (61 cm) cutting wheel diameter Allows the operator to efficiently grind down tree stumps, large and small
10 in. (25.4 cm) below ground cutting depth Provides the operator with the ability to grind down tree stumps well below ground level. This allows the lot owner to develop a more aesthetic landscape without the need for continuous pruning of tree suckers for years to come.


Specifications & Capacities SSG2024 Stump Grinder 
Mounting options - Excavator mount & bolt-on mount options
- Skid steer mount
- Compact utility loader CII mount"
SSG2024 net weight 279 lbs (127 kg)
Power machine mount weights Excavator Mount   - 86 lbs (39 kg)
Skid Steer Mount  - 168lbs (76 kg)
CII Mount  -  836 lbs (38 kg)
Excavator bolt-on mount weights U25/U27 Mount 98 lbs (45 kg)
Multi KX/U35 Mount  - 125 lbs (57 kg)
KX057 Mount  -  139 lbs (63 kg)
KX057 Pin Grabber Mount  -  123 lbs (56 kg)
Overall width 40 in. (102 cm)
Overall height 32 in. (81 cm)
Cutting wheel diameter 21 in. (53 cm)
Cutting wheel thickness 0.625 in. (16 mm)
Cut diameter 24 in. (61 cm)
Below ground cutting depth 10 in. (25 cm)
Cutting components (15) Wearsharp® carbide teeth
(12) Bent tooth holders
(3) Straight tooth holders
Cutting wheel rotation Clockwise - (when viewed from attachment's extension spring side)
Cutting direction Forward cutting only
Maximum hydraulic flow 21 gpm (79 Lpm)
Maximum hydraulic pressure 3,500 psi (24 MPa)
Hydraulic couplers Quick connect couplers (flat-face)