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Aeration may be one of the single most important things you can do to promote healthy turf growth. Husqvarna aerators remove cores of turf in dense, compacted soil to promote better airflow and absorption of water and key nutrients needed for a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Masterfully maneuver your way around any lawn
Husqvarna’s free-wheeling outer tine system provides unparalleled maneuverability and minimizes turf damage when aerating around the corners of landscape beds, other obstacles and any tight spaces. Side weights allow improved soil penetration, but remove easily for better balance on slopes and inclines. The simple design, low maintenance costs, and superior performance of our commercial aerators will exceed your expectations.

Tow and go productivity
Ideal for commercial areas and large residences, our tow-behind aerators provide operating widths of 36 to 48 inches allowing you to aerate up to 4 acres per hour. The two independent tine rotors with interchangeable closed spoon ¾ inch tines provide superior maneuverability, while the optional weight containers ensure optimal soil penetration. The rugged design ensures that you will have years of low-maintenance aeration.

Aeration 101 – tips for a healthy lawn
Soil compaction is typically cause by heavy foot traffic. The dirt is forced together reducing the area for roots to grow and limiting the amount of air, water and nutrients that reach the soil. Husqvarna aerators remove evenly spaced cores of turf giving roots the space they need to grow and produce a lawn that is lush, healthy and better equipped to tolerate drought.