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A Letter From The President


Dear Pillar Equipment Customers,

In Our Business,
we thank God for our blessings
we give second chances
we forgive
we say I’m sorry
we encourage one another
we laugh a lot
we take nothing for granted.
We are Pillar Equipment.

Pillar Equipment started in June of 2014 with the concept that we will provide a unique experience every time we interact with our customers.  Our philosophy is that we are in the people business.  We just happen to sell turf equipment and tractors.  Our motto is People First.  We genuinely believe that when all our employees share the same vision to create a welcoming and enjoyable experience with every conversation, they will be customers for life.  It’s not rocket science, nor do we need to re-create the wheel to be an equipment dealer, we just believe that there are differences in how we can assist our customers to enjoy coming to Pillar Equipment. 

We have aligned our dealership with three world-class brands that we focus exclusively on.  We are not going to be the fix-all for everyone, but the things we do, we are going to do very well.  Kubota, Exmark, and Husqvarna are the type of manufacturers that create value for both the end-user and the dealer, a relationship we are very proud to be a part of.

I read this somewhere and it rings true in our business everyday: The people are the most important part of our business.  Without People, there would be no need for business.

-Jason Wentland, President