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Kubota Parts - Mower Belts

Kubota Parts – Mower Belts

Kubota genuine mower belts are designed to improve performance during heavy mowing use. They meet applicable specification for Kubota mowers, and are qualified after severe testing.


Why choose Kubota genuine mower belts?

Test results show life of a Kubota genuine mower belt is longer than that of an "after-market" competitor. This proves Kubota genuine mower belts to be a leader in the industry.

Kubota genuine mower belts are expected to last nearly 3 times longer compared to this after-market belt!


The difference between Kubota and after-market competitors

Kubota genuine mower belts offer the following advantages:

  • Cords are structured in an alignment line, which enables the cords to absorb equal energy for proper tension and strength
  • Fiber-enforced rubber supports the cords to maintain the structure of the belt and the cord position
  • Material and structure of the two layer bottom enables high heat, wear and crack resistance


Material comparison of Kubota vs after-market belts


  • Straight alignment
  • Fiber-enforced rubber
  • Two-layer rubber bottom

"After Market" Competitor

  • Misalignment
  • No fiber-enforced rubber
  • One layer rubber bottom
    belts aftermarket


Belt SpecificationKubotaAfter Market CompetitorRemarks
Top Rubber Nylon fiber-reinforced chloroprene rubber None Top rubber enables stronger resistance in deformation
Cushion Rubber Chloroprene rubber Natural and styrene-butadiene rubber  
Cord Polyester (Thicker) Polyester  
Bottom Rubber 2 Layers 1 Layer Cloroprene rubber has better heat resistance than natural and styrene-butadiene rubber
  1) Nylon fiber-reinforced chloroprene rubber Cotton fiber reinforced natural and styrene-butadiene rubber  
  2) Chloroprene rubber    
Cover Fabric Polyester/Cotton Cotton