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Kage Liquid Equipment

Kage Liquid Equipment for sale at Quad Cities Region, Illinois

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Kage Liquid Equipment for sale at Quad Cities Region, Illinois



Adjustable Spray Nozzles
The 5 separate spray nozzles are adjustable so that you can increase or decrease your application width on the fly. We’ve even included check valves so that they don’t weep and drain all over after you’ve shut them off! The 6 stream spray pattern of each nozzle provides penetrating force to get through layers of snowpack. All of your nozzles are protected from damage by the stainless steel flange they are mounted to.

Universal Attachment for Skid-Steers & Tractors
The “universal skid-steer plate” just took on a whole new meaning! Now with a simple modification to the age-old skid steer plate, you are able to attach the same implement to your tractor. No need for an adapter plate, just switch and go!

The Liquid Rage is powered by the hydraulic auxiliary of the tool carrier it is hooked up to. The operation is simple. Activate the hydraulic auxiliary from your machine, and watch the pressure gauge increase while the nozzles spray!

A heavy-duty hydraulic motor powers the liquid pump, drawing the material from the bottom of the tank and through a filter. A built-in dump valve gives you an easy way to drain the tank completely.


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