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Kage AdvantEdge

Kage AdvantEdge for sale at Quad Cities Region, Illinois

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Kage AdvantEdge for sale at Quad Cities Region, Illinois



Automatically Navigates Peaks And Depressions

No pavement is perfectly flat, so unless your cutting edge is flexible, you’re leaving snow behind. The independent cutting edge sections of the AdvantEdge™ help the blade to contour to the shape of any surface. The more snow you can remove during your plowing operations, the less salt and sand usage you’ll have.

Hardox® Steel

Each 18″ or 24″ cutting edge section is milled from the proprietary Hardox of wear-plate, common to the mining industry for abrasion resistance and strength. Compared to carbide cutting edges, Hardox is not as brittle, and does not require any additional backing plates.

  • Better than AR, the 5/8” thick AdvantEdge blades will outlast AR 2:1, and your standard 1084 High Carbon edges 4:1.

Steel Cutting Edges Flex In Sections

The very nature of the AdvantEdge reduces premature wear of your cutting edges because of the even pressure across the entire edge. The edge is instantly contouring to every surface, and adjusting so that the plow is not grinding away on peaks, and wearing the center or edges faster than the rest.

  • Independent and consistent pressure across the cutting edge creates consistent wear across the blade.
  • Reduces premature replacement due to crowning and gutter wear.

Pressure Adjustable Encapsulated Design

This patented design give yous the flexibility to adjust the pressure on each section, so that whatever the weight of the plow, you can obtain just the right amount of preload. Each section of the AdvantEdge is equipped with multiple 120 lb/inch die springs. You will use a simple calculation to determine just the right quantity of springs for your particular plow weight and width. AdvantEdge uses a closed face design reducing the impact that salt, sand, and ice can have. Each section is completely covered by the cutting edge, which is easily replaced by removing two bolts. If you ever need internal access to replace or add springs, simply remove the cutting edge.

American Made Patent Pending Design

Not only is KAGE Innovation innovating the snow removal industry, but we are manufacturing those innovations at a high quality and process standard that you would expect from an American Made manufacturing company. All of the sliding components of the AdvantEdge are milled out of 1045 steel and case hardened for abrasion, corrosion, and lubricity. The final assembly is then completely assembled and shipped, ready to install on your new or existing plow! All mounting hardware necessary for installation is included.

Reduces Damage To Plowed Surfaces

Large pit on asphalting highway. Your operators try to clean the lots their best – and sometimes in an effort to clean “down to blacktop” they will just push harder. This operator enthusiasm doesn’t do much for removing the snow, but the asphalt, concrete, and other embeds feel the extra pressure of that steel as it grinds everything down. The AdvantEdge reduces the damage to curbs, asphalt/concrete transitions all while scraping better! It’s truly a win/win for you and your customers.


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