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Fecon Tools Rotors

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HDT Double Carbide:

  • The proven double carbide system is renowned for its versatility in wood shredding. It is the most popular choice, providing the best combination of all-around performance and durability. 

HDT Single Carbide

  • A great tool option for a combination of faster cutting and durability when dealing with hard wood. They can be easily intermixed with the double carbides to deal with ever changing material.

HDT Stone Tool

  • The Fecon Stone Tool provides the ultimate in durability. This is the perfect tool for the most challenging environments and instances when a great deal of ground engagement is desired.

HDT Chipper Tool

  • Our fastest cutting tool option. Chipper Tools leave a finer, more uniform mulch product.

FGT Double Carbide

  • The perfect balance of performance, wear life, and durability, the Double Carbide is the standard tool offered in FGT rotors to work in a wide range of applications.

FGT Stone Tool

  • Ideal for areas where rock cannot be avoided, the FGT Stone Tool provides superior durability and wear life in more severe conditions.

Viking Sword

  • Double sided and easily flipped for a brand new cutting edge. Ribs behind the knife’s edge lend to increased strength and durability. The tapered tool body allows chip material to flow efficiently with an optimal attack angle.

FGT Severe Duty

  • Carbide wear plates are added to the body of the Standard Double Carbide tool, extending useful life in highly abrasive conditions by slowing wear to the body.

Viking Axe Knife

  • The thicker Axe blade is reinforced with ribs behind the knife’s edge to give it increased strength. The Axe tool is easily flipped for a brand new cutting edge, doubling the tool’s life.


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